Speed the Plow 169

Trevor Leigh is an award winning Canadian actor, voice artist. director and occasional sound designer working in radio, film, television and in theatres across Canada and Europe. Trevor has amassed a body of work of immense diversity and style from Bilbo Baggins to Brutus from Josef Goebbels to Glenn Gould. Known for his intensity, commitment and craftsmanship He began the Art Ranch Theatre collective with playwright Ken Cameron and was responsible for the construction of two theatres in Calgary. He represented the Actor’s Fund of Canada for the Prairie provinces and was a founding member of the Blacklist Theatre Project, an artist driven collective of theatre professionals.

Trevor is a passionate father, a proud Canadian and is an active traveller, motorcyclist, hiker, skier and has recently moved to Osoyoos BC.

He travels extensively and frequently and believes wholeheartedly that life is to be lived to the absolute fullest.

Trevor has received 2 Betty Mitchell awards, 2014 Victoria Critic’s choice award for sound design and three individual Betty Mitchell nominations for his work in the theatre. He is also the recipient of the Noel Coward Memorial Award for excellence in acting.

Trevor can be contacted by email at ftleigh@mac.com